about me

hello.. this is me - on the right, next to my beautiful boy who I was lucky enough to marry in August 2010. You might of heard of me from Wellies & Vogue.. you might and probably do know nothing about me at all!

I am a photographer based in Norfolk and Bath in the UK.. wanting to spread my wings into the world of wedding and lifestyle photography. I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. My passion starting from taking photos with my dad, loving the click and feel of his old Olympus OM2N. When I was 10 he set up a dark room in a spare bathroom at home.. we spent hours in there bringing our photography to life most of which still adorn the walls at home.

For the last five years I have been running a website design company in Norfolk with my boy. My primary role within the company has been a product and interior photographer, with a bit of lifestyle photography thrown in. I began to document my life through photography on my personal blog, Wellies and Vogue and in the three years I've been writing it my passion for photography has exploded, resulting in today offering my services as a professional photographer.

If you're getting married and think you might be interested in me discreetly documenting your special day, why not get in touch. Equally if you'd like to have some photos taken with your loved one(s) or family, I love to hear from you. I'm creative, fun and full of enthusiasm..