Emma + Pete Married

I thought I'd share Emma and Pete's beautiful wedding with you. It all happened near Bath on a beautiful July day.  I was there on one of my smaller packages of 3 hours so got to enjoy the getting ready, ceremony and reception. It was also my first Bath based wedding and I loved every second! When buildings and landscape look how they do how can you not fall in love!

Emma got changed at the cutest pub/restaurant called the Moody Goose in the morning and then we headed along the smallest, steepest roads near Bath to Priston Mill which was a beautiful venue.

I cried during the service and got to see how much Emma and Pete adored each other..

You'll see Emma again and one of the bridesmaids as I photographed her wedding a couple of weeks later where they switched positions.. but more on that later!


  1. Gorgeous. Been to many a wedding reception at Priston Mill, but you've made it look the prettiest I've ever seen it :) xx

  2. These photos are simply stunning. Each and every picture in this blog is simply beautiful. Photography at it's very best.

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  4. wow nice pothographer, that is beautiful picture