Well life has been busy! At the moment I am desperately trying to edit all the amazing weddings I've been photographing.. I'm getting there but as I fall in love with all my brides and grooms and I can't doing anything half heartily these things take time.

These are few that I've got out so far and which will be on the blog soon - just need to clear a little more of the back log! Also already booking some exciting weddings for next year as well as thinking about prints and albums.. But as you can see it's been a pretty amazing summer...

Starting off with beautiful Bobbie and Oli and their amazing Wimbledon wedding..

Caroline and Wills Norfolk wedding was a local one for me and SO much fun!

Drove to Ross-on-Wye for Hannah and Ash's country orchard wedding.

Then off to Bath for a bride that arrived by boat..

And then got lost in beauty and simplicity at Caroline and James's garden wedding..

I really have been amazingly lucky and can't wait to show you the whole weddings! For now I've got a few weekends off so I'm sure I'll be here a lot more soon.


  1. Oh they are all so very special.

    Such stunning images.

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