Jenni + Adam

So this is it - where it all began. Even though I'd photographed a few weddings it wasn't until this one that I thought - oh I'd love to be doing this.

This is my friend Jenni - I have known her all my life. We've been to every school together and are still very close now. She is my longest friend - fact. Last September she got married to Adam - her Scotsman. I was just a guest - I just took along my camera for fun.. I wanted to capture a few photos for them as others had done at our wedding.. I couldn't stop - it was a beautiful day, with beautiful details, and beautiful people. The one thing that did make me stop were the tables names - each one named after a different bottle of whiskey.., this meant my viewfinder got a little hazy as the evening went on!

The day was magical and I hope you enjoy the photos I captured.


  1. Oh Tori, how lovely these are! I feel like I was actually there, with so many familar faces from your wedding. Is it possible to miss a crowd of people you only met once?! Lovely, lovely, lovely indeed and if this was the start for you, you're really going to be fantastic.

  2. Tori, it was these photographs; captured so delicately and discreetly which made me realise I could never trust anybody but you to photograph my wedding, one day. You have such an eye for capturing emotion and light. You should be extremely proud. Xx

  3. So beautiful Tors - you capture our gorgeous friends incredibly well! xx

  4. Tori, I freaking love this! So pretty, and colourful, and happy! :)

    (For two secs, I was like 'you were in Scotland' and then I realised you weren't!)

  5. Lizzie07:39

    These photos are just lovely, they're such natural, happy, full of love shots. I read the wellies & vogue blog, clicked on the link out of curiosity and am so impressed, it looks like a beautiful day & this might sound silly but the photos make me feel like I can hear the day if that makes sense!? Like, I can imagine the noise of everyone enjoying themselves, talking, laughing and so on. Sorry, I'm so rubbish at describing what I mean!

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